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If you want to use my art for some purpose, ask me first. Thank you.

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Oh, boy. I'm glad that everyone's glad that I'm back, but I've received from either old requesters or new comers taking risks in asking some... "interesting" (it's the nicest word I can come up with) things out of me, but I'm afraid I'm going to have update some strict rules.

Yeah, call me very narrow-minded, but I'm afraid not all of us share and are comfortable with the same fantasies...

Now to all who asks me requests, I would like to give you some ground rules:

will draw:
  • Your OC's doing simple things (reading, walking, etc.)
  • Your OC's with canon characters
  • Your OC's doing simple things in background-less backgrounds or simple backgrounds (fields of flowers, forests, etc.)

will not draw:

  • Complex backgrounds (overly detailed rooms for example)
  • Sexual themes (I know no-one has ever ask me that before, but one can't be too careful)
  • Drastic violence/gore
  • Butt/panty-shots (seriously that shit is disgusting; we are not immature high school-students, people)
  • Vore (WHY?!)
  • Giantess characters (sounds sudden, but sorry, I'm growing uncomfortable with this...)
  • Characters inflating or "gaining weight" (forgot this is a thing, why is this a thing?)

Note: I might add more points in later...

When you ask me a request of a character and/or OC, be sure to send me a link of them for references, please. Thank you.

For those who've been wondering why I closed the comments on my art, is mainly because some of the comments are about another request for me - not that I'm complaining, but I personally think my requesters should ask me on either the profile's comments section or on notes. So if you're reading this, please keep it in mind when I'm re-opening the comments on the next upload, 'kay?

Heleen ~Heart


Heleen Reyneke
South Africa
Name: Heleen Reyneke
Birth: My b-day's 12 of May and Im born in 1993.

Likes: Art, friends, commenting you guys, games, drawing DA relates, admire other people's stuff, kick-ass movies, tip-tap of yaoi. :O

Dislikes: School, people that are annoying, crappy movies, insulting/offended jokes, "tough" communications with people, art thiefs.

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I'm dragoness :D
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could you make me these please?:…

I made these myself
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Jamie260397 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015
Excuse me, but are you taking requests at the moment? If not, sorry I bothered you.
12051993 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015
Kay. :)
Jamie260397 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015
Would you mind doing a scene from this?…
Hi, how's my requests doing? (Sorry if I sound like a pest....)
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